Rusty Glover Campaign Launches Commercials Sharing Personal Testimonials from Teachers and Students


SEMMES, AL (May 22, 2018) -- With the June 5 primary two weeks away, Senator Rusty Glover is launching two commercials utilizing campaign social media outlets and email communication featuring testimonials from teachers and former students of Glover’s.

The first ad features Allison Miller – a former student of Glover’s who is now a teacher herself.

“I know that when Rusty becomes Lieutenant Governor we can trust him to make common sense decisions that are going to benefit the people of Alabama,” Miller states in the commercial. “I honestly can’t think of anyone better to represent me in Montgomery than Rusty. He’s one of us and he understands our Alabama values.”

As a teacher of 25 years, Glover influenced the lives of many students and inspired several to become teachers themselves.

“Rusty was my eleventh grade history teacher, he then became my cooperating teacher during my student teaching experience, and then we became coworkers at the same high school when I began my teaching career.”

Glover is a member of the Alabama Senate, representing the 34th District since 2006. He is the only candidate running for the office of lieutenant governor who has served in the legislative body that the lieutenant governor leads: the senate.

The Republican primary will be held June 5 in Alabama. 

You can watch the commercials below. 



As a native of Mobile, Glover has served in the Alabama Legislature for 16 years as a member of Alabama House of Representatives (2002-2006) and Senate (2006-present). Glover is a graduate of B.C. Rain High School, Faulkner State Community College and the University of South Alabama. He retired after 25 years of teaching from Mary G. Montgomery High School in Semmes, where he lives with his wife, Connie. Together they have two daughters, Kellie and Katie; a son-in-law, John McGraw; and a new grandson, Beau Monroe McGraw. He is a member of Wilmer Baptist Church in Wilmer, AL. Visit to learn more.