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I am a pro-life conservative. The integrity I bring to my personal life is what I also bring to every piece of legislation as I analyze and see its value for my constituents and their families. My faith dictates that all life, no matter what, is precious and valuable in the sight of God. To that end, I will fight for the unborn and I will seek to better the lives of children as they grow into the future of Alabama. 

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I am a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and I will not retreat from supporting our Constitutional rights. Our children are our most precious blessing. I am for increasing the number of armed school resource officers and a greater police presence in our schools. Some districts in Alabama already have this, and it has worked. I do not believe that teachers need to be armed, because some would feel so uncomfortable with the idea to the point where they would actually leave the field of education, at a time when we desperately need quality educators. I am proud to champion a greater presence for school resource officers and police officers in our schools, and prouder still that I submitted legislation in the past to do so.  



Like President Trump said, “We want a system that puts the needs of American families, taxpayers, and security first.” Illegal immigration does not seek the security of America, it seeks the impairment of America. Legal immigrants, come here, start businesses, educate their children, and seek a better life through hard work - these people are the very essence of what Reagan said about our country when he called America, the “shining city on a hill,” but that light dims when illegal immigrants take our desperately needed resources in Alabama. 


Your Government

The Lieutenant Governor’s primary duty is to preside over the Senate of Alabama. As the only one in the race who has been in the Senate, I know this is no small task. While some view the Office of Lieutenant Governor as lacking power, I believe that the Lieutenant Governor can affect every Alabamian. I promise to you that I will run the Lt. Governor’s office with efficiency. I promise to you that you will have a ready Lt. Governor, one who is ready with the kind of leadership which can help guide the best legislation to help our families. Leadership is not limited to a series of decisions - leadership should bring order to chaos and integrity brings clarity to the murky - all the more important as Alabamians seek transparency and honesty in their government. I promise to be a Lt. Governor who conducts his office with leadership and integrity to restore pride in our state government again. 

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When my Daylight Savings Time bill was presented before the Senate, my constituents let me know how appreciative they were of that bill. As a Senator, if there is one thing I have learned it is this - I am the servant, my constituents are the boss. I work to free my constituents from the excesses of government, not increase government intrusion into their lives. We can do without Daylight Savings Time in Alabama, which will be a tremendous help to our businesses. More importantly, we don’t need just a leader who will listen to the people, we need a leader who will listen to the people, and then actually do something.